The daylighting of residences is perhaps the least difficult problem for
architects, but it becomes more of a problem interpreted by an hotel.
Some of the finest examples of daylighting of homes was during the
modern movement when the new solutions to structural problems
allowed large areas of glazing.

The window is an opening in a wall or side of a building admitting light
and often air to the interior. Early windows were developed before the
introduction of glass, so initially windows were left open to the external
atmosphere, or filled by some form of closure to minimize the heat loss at
night. The more sophisticated buildings would have had thin slabs of
marble, mica or oiled paper for this purpose.

Choose furniture that will enhance the theme and style of your design, and
perhaps pick up on a particular color or texture that you are using elsewhere in the garden or home interior. If you have the opportunity, you could try to buy authentic items while you are on vacation and bring them home with
you. These will help to make further visual connections and reinforce the overall look, but take care not to over-fill the space.

Begin with an existing object, add a part of your personal hobbies and belief system, wrap-it-up in a market-friendly package and there you have it: a fun and functional furniture piece, perfect for energizing a contemporary home.

In many cases, deciding on what you want your garden to be like is initially
the hardest, but then the easiest part of the process. It is translating that vision into a reality that takes the bulk of the time: working out how parts of a garden can sit together, how planting interest throughout the year can be sustained, deciding on hard landscaping materials that will work in all weather conditions. Your garden is an extension of your home and it should provide
a place for you to enjoy life to the full. When thinking about
any changes that you may make to the yard, it is important to
consider how you propose to use the space, not just now but in
the future.

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